Bariatric Remote Patient Monitoring

Digital Weight Scale

Our at-home digital weight scale measures your weight and provides a complete look into your body composition. This data is shared with your bariatric care team to remotely monitor your progress along your bariatric journey.

Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring
An easier journey to bariatric surgery
Improved Access to Care
Through digital devices, your health is able to be monitored from the comfort of your home.
Find a Bariatric Clinic
Continuity of Care
When your weight falls out of range, your bariatric care team can intervene to help you get back on track.
Longer Life
Better Outcomes
Remote patient monitoring programs have shown to increase patient engagement by 80%, helping patients achieve their goals faster.
What’s included in your membership.
  • Digital Weight Scale
  • Integrated App
  • Personalized Weight Loss Plans
  • Unlimited messaging and support
Digital Weight Scale
Cellular enabled digital scale that syncs directly with the app and your bariatric program’s platform. The digital scale provides a 360 degree body composition analysis.
Integrated App
Digital app that syncs seamlessly with the scale so you can visualize your progress over time. Get a complete look into your weight metrics so you can reach your weight loss goals faster.
Personalized Weight Loss Plans
Plans are tailored specifically to your needs and your weight loss goals. Your bariatric care team has direct access to your diagnostic information and will be notified when your weight falls out of range.
Unlimited messaging and support
Get answers and seek support along your bariatric journey.
Accessible Bariatric Patient Care Bariatric Centers of America
What to Expect after Joining:
Once you sign up, we will ship your digital scale. Expect it within 2 weeks from your order date.
When you receive your digital scale, activate it following the manufacturer's instructions.
Step on the scale and your data will be sent to your bariatric care team.