Patient Communication

More ways to connect with your patients.

Where good engagement becomes great experiences.
Our patient communication tools provide a method of continuously connecting with your bariatric patients along their care journey to ensure they not only get to surgery but have a positive patient experience with your bariatric program.
Bariatric Centers of America
Seamless patient communication along every stage of the journey.
Experience the power of an integrated solution. With our communication tools, your program can utilize automated email and SMS outreach to ensure a seamless, supportive, and personalized experience for patients on their bariatric journey.
The Benefits
The power of patient communication.
Accessibility of weight loss programs
Improved Patient Engagement
Facilitate better engagement between your bariatric program and patients leading to increased patient involvement in their own care journey.
High Quality of bariatric patient care
Enhanced Patient Experience
Contribute to a positive patient experience by reducing the frustration associated with missed appointments, confusion about pre-surgical requirments, and lack of information.
Bariatrics Simplified
Efficient Appointment Management
Automate appointment scheduling, reminders, and cancellations to reduce the likelihood of no-shows, allowing optimization of your schedule and resources.
Patient Communication Features
Automated Email and SMS
Patient Communication automated outreach
Automated Email and SMS
Automate appointment reminders so you can spend more time navigating your patients and less time rescheduling their missed appointments.
Patient Portal
Patient Portal Feature
Patient Portal
Continuously engage patients that helps them stay on track with their bariatric requirements, schedule appointments, and communicate with their patient navigator.
eFax Patient Communication BariNav
Seamlessly integrate eFax, streamlining communication by allowing you to send and receive faxes electronically, enhancing efficiency and convenience.
Phone Integration
Phone Integration
Integrate a VoIP service and place phone calls directly from BariNav, offering efficient communication between your program and your patients.
Accelerate your bariatric program.
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