Referral Management

Manage your referral network within BariNav.

Elevate your referral management process.
Track and assign patient referrals, confirm receipt, and keep a growing database of referring providers and specialists within your network. The referral management tool is a robust solution designed to seamlessly track and manage provider referrals within BariNav. This system streamlines the entire referral process, from initial referral to specialist consultation, ensuring efficient communication and coordination.
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More ways to manage your provider relationships.
Ensure the continuity and quality of patient care across your healthcare network. Our referral solutions offer a comprehensive platform that simplifies and enhances the referral process, promoting collaboration, communication, and improved patient outcomes.
The Benefits
The power of referral management.
Find a Bariatric Clinic
Build Trust and Authority
Facilitate clear communication between referring and receiving providers, leading to better patient outcomes.
Growth in Bariatric Surgery Volume
Data-Driven Insights
Analyze referral patterns for insights, optimizing workflows and improving care quality.
Reduced Administrative Burden
Automate the referral process and referral outreach, reducing the administrative workload and enabling staff to focus on patient care.
Referral Management Features
Engage Referrers
Engage Referrers
Automate outreach to your referrers thanking them for the referral once a patient has attended their consult or completed surgery.
Build a Database
Patient Tracking Bariatric Physical Referral Management
Build a Database
Keep a growing database of referring providers and specialists within your region.
Score Referrers
Patient Tracking Bariatric Physical Referral Management
Score Referrers
Rate your referring providers and programs so you know who are your top referrers.
Accelerate your bariatric program.
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