BariNav: Bariatric Patient Tracking

Convert more leads into patients with BariNav.

Bariatric Patient Tracking for Weight Loss Surgery Programs
Where good engagement becomes great experiences.

Our BariNav tool provides a method of continuously engaging and connecting with bariatric patients to ensure they not only get to surgery but have a positive patient experience with your bariatric program.

Personalize the Bariatric Patient Experience Bariatric Centers of America
Personalize the patient experience.

HIPAA compliant and customizable bariatric patient tracking platform that establishes staff and patient accountability to increase your conversion ratios.

Convert qualified leads into valuable promoters.

HIPAA-compliant, conversational messaging that provides a better way to communicate with your bariatric patients across every channel - phone, email, social media, and text messaging (SMS).

What you get when you partner with us.
Accessibility of weight loss programs
Gain insight into your bariatric pipeline and continiously engage with your patients through SMS automation, ensuring your patients get to surgery.
Growth in Bariatric Surgery Volume
Make better decisions based on data-driven reporting and actionable insights that convert more leads into bariatric patients and grow your program revenue.
High Quality of bariatric patient care
Manage your patients at every stage of their journey and collaborate with your bariatric care team for a seamless patient experience.
The BariNav Features
Patient Tracking
Cross Channel Marketing Automation
Patient Tracking
Enhance the patient experience throughout the bariatric funnel.
Our customizable bariatric patient tracking tools allow programs to connect with and engage their patients throughout their weight loss journey.
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Patient Communication
Marketing Automation with BariNav
Patient Communication
Personalized and relevant messaging to assist patients on their bariatric journey.
Engage with your bariatric patients along their journey through SMS and email messaging campaigns that can be customized to your program's needs.
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Referral Management
Patient Tracking Bariatric Physical Referral Management
Referral Management
Track and assign patient referrals, confirm receipt, and keep a growing database of referring providers.
Manage your network of providers all in one place and help patients find care that fits their healthcare needs.
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COE Accrediation
COE Accrediation
Monitor your COE accreditation status, automate tasks to avoid missed deadlines, and access our COE templates.
Effectively manage your COE standards and track your progress to accreditation with the COE Accreditation Tracking app, integrated directly into BariNav.
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Accelerate your bariatric program.
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