COE Accreditation

Monitor and log your COE accreditation status.

One platform for your accreditation and compliance needs.
Automate your Center of Excellence accreditation journey from start to review-ready and provide support with definitions and easy-to-edit templates for different standards, all integrated within the BariNav tool.
Center of Excellence Tracking Bariatric Centers of America
Transparent progress tracking.
The COE accreditation tracking app allows you to follow the journey towards maintaining and improving your accreditation status. You'll gain insights into the steps needed to take to continuously monitor and maintain your accreditation.
The Benefits
The power of tracking COE accreditation.
Fellowship Trained Bariatric Surgeons
Demostrate Expertise
Demostrate your bariatric expertise by keeping a centralized database of your multidisciplinary team, standards, files, and reports.
Better Health
Comprehensive Care
Store your educational materials beyond surgery, including preoperative evaluations, postoperative follow-up, support groups, and lifestyle education.
Track Outcome Data
Track and report patient outcomes, ensuring transparency and accountability in care quality.
COE Accreditation Features
Track COE Accreditation
Track COE Accreditation
Effectively manage your COE standards and track your progress to accreditation with the COE tracking app.
Upload Relevant Documents
Upload COE Accreditation Files
Upload Relevant Documents
Upload your templates or completed standards directly into the app so all your relevant documents are stored in one central location.
Access COE Templates
COE Templates
Access COE Templates
Easily start the COE process by accessing our library of pre-built templates for every COE standard.
Accelerate your bariatric program.
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