BariSuccess: Post-Op Management

The future delivery of care for your bariatric patients.

Bariatric Post-Op Management with BariSuccess
Bariatric post-op management for improved outcomes.

The use of a digital scale and activity monitoring that are connected to custom workflows to ensure patient encouragement and forward progress. Integrates with our BariNav system to alert providers and staff when a patient falls off track.

Remote Patient Monitoring for Bariatric patients Bariatric Centers of America
Improving patient's health
and post-op outcomes.

BariSuccess uses remote patient monitoring technology to monitor and track your patients' progress from the comfort of their homes. Through the use of a digital scale and mobile technology, you can stay connected with your patients in real-time, ensuring they reach their goals.

What you get when you partner with us.
An easier journey to bariatric surgery
Improved Access to Care
Through digital devices, your patient's health is able to be monitored from the comfort of their home.
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Continuity of Care
When your patient's weight falls out of range, your bariatric care team can intervene to help them get back on track.
Longer Life
Better Outcomes
Remote patient monitoring programs have been shown to increase patient engagement by 80%, helping patients achieve their goals faster.
Our Bariatric Post-Op Management Tools
Remote Patient Monitoring
Remote Patient Monitoring
Continuous and personalized healthcare oversight, enabling early prevention of weight gain and improving long-term outcomes.
Remote patient monitoring is useful for managing long-term diseases and tracking post-operative recovery and success.
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RVU Wallet
Bariatric Services RVU tracker
RVU Wallet
A medical wallet to track productivity and grow volume.
At a glance, see the amount of RVUs you have earned, record and store encounters, and browse interactive charts to review your productivity data over time.
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Accelerate your bariatric program.
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